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Guided Journals For Adults

Embrace a Healthier, Happier You! 

Research has shown that expressive writing can be a powerful self-care tool.  Often times, people express that they would like to try journaling, but are not sure to start.  These guided journals, available on Amazon, are crafted with intention, providing you with mindful prompts and exercises that encourage self-awareness and self-compassion. 


Finding Calm is a guided journal which offers structured daily and weekly prompts and exercises specifically designed with the aim to help you channel your thoughts, recognize and confront worries, and develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress.  It also includes areas to note what you learned in a therapy session, or would like to discuss in your next therapy session.

365 Questions is a 8.5 x 11 journal book with 365 daily prompt questions, which aim to help you practice mindful reflection, and explore your feelings, emotions, and reactions. Each prompt is a question which will allow you space to pause and reflect on your unique life experiences, thoughts, and narratives.

Learn more about each journal by clicking on each of the covers.

Gratitude Journals For Kids

Empower your child with gratitude through one of these "Attitude for Gratitude Guide for Kids" workbooks. These 12-week workbooks foster gratitude, mindfulness, and self-awareness.  They encourage personal growth with weekly goals and they  celebrate progress through recaps. Additionally, participants will engage in fun gratitude challenges, explore inspiring quotes, and be provided with daily journaling pages for self-expression. Track moods to promote emotional intelligence, and support your child's well-being and growth for a brighter future with one of these gratitude guides.

Series For Toddlers/Preschoolers On Emotions