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Guided Journals For Adults







Finding Calm: A 12 Week Guided Journal For Anxiety And Stress Reduction

Enjoy this guided journal which offers structured daily, weekly, and monthly prompts. Within this resource are exercises specifically designed with the aim to help you channel your thoughts, recognize and confront worries, and develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage stress.  It also includes areas to note what you learned in a therapy session, or would like to discuss in your next therapy session.

365 Questions: A One-Page-Per-Day Guide To Maximizing Your Mental And

Emotional Well-Being

Enjoy this 8.5 x 11 inch journal book with 365 daily prompt questions, which aim to help you practice mindful reflection, and explore your feelings, emotions, and reactions. Each prompt is a question which will allow you space to pause and reflect on your unique life experiences, thoughts, and narratives.

Build the healthy habit of daily journaling with this helpful tool.


Coming Together: A 52- Week Journal To Bring Couple's Closer Together

In the chaos of everyday life, maintaining a strong connection with your partner can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. But what if there was a simple yet powerful tool that could bring you closer together, week by week, strengthening the bond between you and your loved one?


Discover the transformative potential of Coming Together to foster and nurture the connection between you and your partner.

Coming Together: 52 Week Journal For Couples

Embrace a Healthier, Happier You! ​Research has shown that expressive writing can be a powerful self-care tool.  Often times, people express that they would like to try journaling, but are not sure to start.  These guided journals, available on Amazon, are crafted with intention, providing you with mindful prompts and exercises that encourage self-awareness and self-compassion. 

365 Questions - One Page Per Day Journal Prompt Guide
Finding Calm Guided Journal

Empower your child with gratitude through one of these "Attitude for Gratitude Guide for Kids" workbooks. These 12-week workbooks foster gratitude, mindfulness, and self-awareness.  They encourage personal growth with weekly goals and they  celebrate progress through recaps. Additionally, participants will engage in fun gratitude challenges, explore inspiring quotes, and be provided with daily journaling pages for self-expression. Track moods to promote emotional intelligence, and support your child's well-being and growth for a brighter future with one of these gratitude guides.

Attitude Of Gratitude - 12 Week Guide For Kids
Attitude Of Gratitude - 12 Week Guide To Empower Girls
Attitude Of Gratitude - 12 Week Guide To Empower Girls

Do you have a young one who is needing support in recognizing and managing their emotions? Shapes And Feelings Playtime: How Young Hearts Can Manage Big Emotions is a series which empowers young minds (ages 1 - 7), to explore thirteen key emotions through simple and lively stories.  Cindy Rose, R.P. and Clinical Director of Wellness Counselling Centre is part of the team which creates and authors this developing series.

Foster your child's ability to NAME their FEELINGS, as well as NURTURE SELF-SOOTHING and EMOTIONAL REGULATION SKILLS through playful learning. Meet colourful characters in various shapes who help guide the way through each engaging story.

Available on Amazon, The Shapes And Feelings Playtime: How Young Hearts Can Manage Big Emotions series includes:

  • Friendly Language: Young minds and readers uncover explanations for different emotions through toddler and preschool-friendly words. Discover fun strategies to start managing different emotions at an early stage.

  • Key Emotions: Empower your young ones to identify thirteen key emotions. Lead by example through playful activities, teaching emotional regulation and building self-soothing skills for when big feelings arise.

  • Shapes and Colours: The characters in each book come alive through varied shapes and vibrant colors, enhancing young minds learning of these foundational and educational building blocks.

  • Social-Emotional Development: Each book provides age-appropriate coping strategies to foster little ones social-emotional intelligence, friendship making skills, and growth mindset.


Training & Seminars


Cindy is an engaging teacher and communicator who has presented and facilitated training on leadership development, conflict resolution, team building, spiritual well-being, and family dynamics, among other topics.   

She would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about potential training options for your organization.


Cindy has provided several training sessions and seminars including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Compassion Fatigue and Burn Out Prevention Through Self-Care

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Emotionally Healthy Workplace

  • Preventing Secondary Trauma for the Spiritual Care Provider/Clergy

  • Providing Counselling Care For Children Who Have Special Needs

  • Trauma, Suffering, and God: Holding Space When Faith Is Shattered



Cindy has most recently presented the following sessions and seminars:

  • "Understanding Family Dynamics and Tools For Family Counselling" was presented in May 2018 to the counseling staff at Niagara Life Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario

  • "Spirituality, Compassion, and Trauma-Informed Care" was presented as a full-day workshop on behalf of Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre For Healing at a conference in May 2018, hosted by Aulneau Renewal Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


If you are interested in having Cindy present a training, please contact her at OR 905-359-9456 for more information.

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